Mild mustard Pump


The mustard pump is handy and easy-to-use. It’s the ideal solution for parties and events or for bulk use.

Mild Alsace mustard has been made in our own mustard factory, the only one in Alsace, since 1873. Smooth and creamy, its mild flavour makes it perfect for everyday use, both in traditional recipes and for adding zest to meat both hot and cold.

Mild Alsace mustard is also available made with Riesling, beer, gingerbread spices and horseradish. For more details, look in our Tradition and Création ranges


Also available in: glass 35g, stoneware jar 100g and 230g, glass 150g, tube 175g, squeezy 275g, Hansi mug 280g, Hansi glass 280g, jar 350g,  bucket 1.1kg, buckets of 5, 10 and 25 kg

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Poids 3 160 g