Company history

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Alélor, artisanal mustard maker since 1873


Alélor first started making its famous mild Alsace mustard back in 1873, and it is the company’s respect for its ancestral traditions that today preserves the outstanding quality and taste of its mustards. Horseradish, which originally retailed under the Raifalsa brand, now comes within the Alélor Frais range.

The company’s expertise in preparing mustard brings out all the typically intense flavours of mild mustard and horseradish, across the whole of its range of creamy, smooth culinary products.

The recipes for the company’s mustards, horseradish and condiments have remained tightly-kept secrets since 1873, while new recipes are continuously being created to respond to new consumer trends.




Jean STUMPF founds the STUMPF Frères mustard factory in Lingolsheim (Strasbourg).




STUMPF Frères introduce the ALÉLOR brand just as war breaks out

ALELOR is a combination of the names of the two regions of Alsace and Lorraine




Urban Georges and Marguerite Schmidt producing horseradish through their new company RAIFALSA, based in the village of Mietesheim.


RAIFALSA is acquired by the Trautmann family.



The Mietesheim plant is extended to incorporate production of mustard, gherkins and other savoury products, in addition to horseradish production.

The new plant has a surface area of 1000m²


STUMPF Frères merges with RAIFALSA.

The companies become a single group, RAIFALSA-ALÉLOR.

The plant is again extended, the new capacity is 1000 tonnes of mustard, 150 tonnes of horseradish and 500 tonnes of savoury products.



Acquisition of the DOMAINE DES TERRES ROUGES, a gourmet oil and vinegar brand and MOUTARDES DE TURENNE from the Pagès Vedrenne group.


DOMAINE DES TERRES ROUGES is distributed exclusively in delicatessens and high-end catering.

RAIFALSA comes under the ALÉLOR brand, in the Alélor Frais range.

2016 year end

The ALÉLOR range is split into six ranges of mustards, horseradish and condiments: ALÉLOR Tradition, Frais (previously Raifalsa), Création, Sélection (condiments and organic), Exception and Pro (manufacturers and professionals)

Alélor, the artisan of your creativity, is the go-to brand for mustard, horseradish and condiments!